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Kids’ Chance State Resource Center

We’ve compiled all of the resources offered by the national office into one center. The strength of Kids’ Chance lies with its states, and we want to make sure everyone has access to the tools they need to be successful.

Resources are organized by the following categories:

  • Funding
  • Scholarship
  • Marketing and Materials
  • Tools and Templates
  • Education and Outreach
  • For Newly Forming States

If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Doucette, Membership Director, at admin@kidschance.org.



$7,500 Seed Funding
Funds granted to help new state organizations with start-up costs. Seed funding is available once the state’s founders’ meeting occurs.  KCOA can serve as the “banker” until the state receives its 501 C 3 nonprofit status.

Annual Uniform Distribution
Currently, a $7,500 donation provided to each state “in good standing” to be used directly to fund scholarships in that respective state.

Supplemental Grant Program
State Organizations “in good standing” may apply for Supplemental Grants to help meet the need of their current scholarship recipients/applicants – in other words, they do not have sufficient funds to fund scholarships to all of their applicants or to cover the gap between other awards and the cost of tuition, leaving the student(s) with loans.  The supplemental grant program requires applicants to outline that “unmet need” in the application process.  The Supplemental Grant is awarded in the fall.  The Supplemental Grants are not guaranteed and the funds available will be distributed based on comparison of need of the applicant States.

Apply for a Supplemental Grant

#GivingTuesday Toolkit
We’ve created a toolkit to try and make #GivingTuesday a little easier.

Download the #GivingTuesday Toolkit



Scholarship Guide
With the help of state organizations, we have create an all-inclusive guide for running a Kids’ Chance scholarship program.

Download Scholarship Guide

Common Application
Based on best practices collected from across the country, we have created a common application for states to use and customize.

Download Common Application

Merit-Based Award Letter Template
For recipients who receive a scholarship based on merit.

Download Merit-Based Award Letter Template

Standard Award Letter Template
This letter can be used for any scholarship recipient.

Download Standard Award Letter Template



National Brand and Guidebook
Part of being a member of the Kids’ Chance community is getting to share in the national brand. By banding together, we will increase our overall visibility. Kids’ Chance of America maintains a guidebook states can use to modify or establish their brand. Logo and seal usage guidelines are also available on our website.

Request the Brand Guidebook by emailing admin@kidschance.org.

State Logo Design
The national office is willing and able to adapt the national logo and provide the corresponding files without cost.

Request a Logo by emailing admin@kidschance.org.

Website Partner
We’re connection to an experienced vendor familiar with Kids’ Chance. The vendor can implement a branded Kids’ Chance website template at a reasonable cost.

Get an introduction to the Website Partner by emailing admin@kidschance.org.

National Awareness Week
Initiative designed to highlight the existing Kids’ Chance programs and state organizations across the country by providing a focused time frame to be engaged with and raise awareness about the mission. The national office provides a media kit with stories, resources, and corresponding social media materials. Regular emails are also sent to engage the states and feature their activities for eight weeks leading up to the initiative.

Planning for the Future
A boiler plate, online form, and printed card available at no cost to make implementing this initiative simple and consistent.

The Faces of Kids’ Chance
Initiative designed to feature the stories of our student scholarship recipients nation-wide. States can direct students to the online form on the national site, and the national will add that student to the gallery. All states are welcome to use any and all of the Faces stories to help spread the mission.

(New) Brand Aligned Overview Template for States
Brand consistent overview that can be customized with the state organization’s logo and contact details.

Download Brand Aligned Overview Template

These include Planning for the Future cards, Faces of Kids’ Chance cards, lapel pins, and calling cards. State organizations can request these from national at no cost. They can also be downloaded below:

Kids’ Chance Chronicle
Monthly publication that support state organizations with articles and vital and timely information.


Tools and Templates

Conflict of Interest Statement
Document used with all Board of Directors to inform and set guidelines for the newly forming board. All board members must sign a conflict of interest statement.

Download Conflict of Interest Statement Example

Articles of Incorporation Sample
All non-profits must be incorporated. We’ve provided a sample for Kids’ Chance organizations for reference.

Download Articles of Incorporation Sample

Bylaws Template
All non-profits must have a set of bylaws. This template was created for Kids’ Chance organizations.

Download Bylaws Template

Comparative Review of D & O Insurance Providers
Information provided to all newly forming state organizations related to D & O Insurance. Proof of insurance is needed for formation.

Get D&O information by emailing admin@kidschance.org.

Board Member Expectations Sample
An example designed to help newly forming boards with roles and responsibilities of board members. This is helpful in setting guidelines for the volunteer related to board service.

Download Board Member Expectations Sample

Board Map Template
Use this template to determine the profile of your board.

Download Board Map Template

Board Member Recruitment Template
This template letter should help you more easily reach out to potential board members.

Download Board Member Recruitment Template

Board Member Onboarding Sample
An example of onboarding materials given to board members when they join the board.

Download Board Member Onboarding Sample

Standing Committee Descriptions
Template designed to help give structure to the committee chairs. This is helpful in setting guidelines and best practices around committee work.

Download Standing Committee Descriptions

Board Member Role Descriptions Sample
An assortment of board member roles and accompanying descriptions as examples.

Download Board Member Role Descriptions Sample

Succession Planning
An example designed to start the conversation around succession planning. This is valuable when looking toward the future of the board.

Download Succession Planning Example

Operating Budget Sample
Template used to provide best practices related to creating and maintaining an operating budget.

Download Operating Budget Sample

Donation Acknowledgement Template
As a non-profit, you’ll need to recognize your donors. Use this template to get started and personalize as needed.

Download Donation Acknowledgement Template

In Honor Of Acknowledgement Template
An acknowledgement template specifically for donations given in someone’s honor.

Download In Honor Of Acknowledgement Template

Tribute Program Templates
All the pieces needed to run a good tribute program.

Download Tribute Program Templates

Video Tips and Questions
Based on successful Kids’ Chance videos, we’ve listed some tips to help you create a successful video as well as some suggested questions.

Download Video Tips and Questions

Constituent Portal Guide
All Kids’ Chance State organizations must enter data in our constituent portal. This guide provides step by step instructions for accessing the portal and adding your information.

Download Constituent Portal Guide


Education and Outreach

KCOA Annual Meeting
Two-day National Conference featuring representatives from current and prospective Kids’ Chance state organizations. This yearly meeting provides valuable time to network, share ideas and learn more about the latest innovations and best practices for non-profits.

Kids’ Chance College
Comprehensive training offered to members during the Annual Meeting with the goal of providing “real time’ tools for the states to utilize.

Scholarship Consultant
KCOA provides access to nationally recognized professionals. Scholarship Consultant Kim Stezala is a leader in the field of scholarships. She provides expertise in developing recommended guidelines and best practices for KCOA scholarship programs.

State Contact Database
An on-line database of state representative contact information and annual data profiles for all KCOA member state organizations.

Council of State Organizations/Subcommittees
Committee members include representatives from each State Organization (Delegates and Alternate Delegate). Sub Committees include: Scholarship Subcommittee and Kids’ Chance Community Subcommittee.

Accelerator Program
The primary objective is to help states become better prepared to build their scholarship programs in both dollars and number of awards. Recently piloted, this experience will be available to KCOA member state organizations in good standing on a case-by-case basis.The Accelerator Program is provided at no cost to the state organization.

Download More Information on the Accelerator Program


Newly Forming States

New State Guide
This is an online guide with helpful links to resources needed by organizing states including the EIN number, articles of incorporation, the IRS determination process, financial support, website development, etc. This handy toolkit also provides step-by-step guidance to create a Kids’ Chance state organization.

Download New State Guide

State Vetting Process
This is an in-depth search for any existing scholarship programs that would be considered as direct competition with the Kids’ Chance scholarship programs. This process is initiated when a group of volunteers express interest in becoming an official Kids’ Chance state organization.

Get more information on starting a Kids’ Chance by emailing admin@kidschance.org.

Founders’ Board Recruitment Assistance
The KCOA administrative team can assist newly forming state organizations by facilitating interest calls to help ensure a cross section of Founders’ and to answer questions about the formation process.

On-site Staff Assistance at Founders’ Meeting
A representative from KCOA attends the State Organizations’ Founders Meeting in person to provide support and encouragement. This allows time for team building and sets a strong foundation for the newly forming state organization.

Direct Staff Assistance from Startup through Year One
The KCOA Administrative Staff works closely with the newly forming state organizations to provide technical assistance with various aspect of formation, from getting the website functional to establishing of the scholarship program.

Request help with the early stages by emailing admin@kidschance.org.

Access to Mentors
Having access to leaders from other state organizations (veteran as well as newly formed) allows the volunteers to ask specific logistical questions related to the formation paperwork. This peer encouragement is key as the process unfolds.

Request a Mentor by emailing admin@kidschance.org.