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The workers’ compensation industry supports workers who have been injured on the job. Kids’ Chance allows us to help their kids.

Plan for the Future

Help Us Find the Kids

Our Planning for the Future initiative identifies potential scholarship applicants, especially those who are not yet old enough to consider continuing their education. If you know a child who may be eligible for a Kids’ Chance scholarship, please refer them to us so we can support workers’ families for years to come.

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We can’t help students like Brooke without your support. Every gift makes a difference in our ability to meet our mission.

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Find Your Kids’ Chance — and Your Role

Find Your Kids’ Chance —
and Your Role

With our national board, plus the boards of 50 state organizations, there’s perhaps nothing more critical to the continued success of our mission than viable leadership. Consider volunteering with Kids’ Chance and increasing your leadership skills.

Spread the Word

We need your help to reach every eligible kid. Help us spread the word about what we do here at Kids’ Chance.

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