Support Our Endowment

Support Our Endowment

Founded by a workers’ compensation industry leader, the Kids’ Chance endowment provides a unique way to leave a legacy for the next generation.

Gifts to the Kids’ Chance of America Endowment Fund enable you to support our mission today while leaving a lasting legacy that will benefit the kids and their families in the future.

This endowment was established by Jim Hudak, who sought to continue his legacy of leading by example. “What I think is most important for senior executives in the workers’ compensation industry is for them to add to this endowment that I created so that it grows,” shared Jim. “That’s what I’d like to see as a long term legacy for Kids’ Chance.”

Looking at the long term doesn’t stop Jim from connecting on a personal level — especially with the kids.“

The kids who benefit from this program are just amazing. They have been through unimaginable tragedy, and yet they are poised, confident, and articulate. Kids’ Chance provides support for these children to get a good education that then allows them to have a productive job in the future. It’s so critically important that their work continues.”
Support the Endowment

“My father was killed when I was thirteen years old in a workplace accident. I heard about Kids’ Chance when a former co-worker of my father’s reached out to the organization because he thought I’d be a good candidate for the scholarship.

I have just been so grateful for this scholarship, and I am so thankful for and blessed by everyone at Kids’ Chance. I hope I’m making them proud as well.”

Kids’ Chance of MI Scholarship Recipient

Ways to Make a Gift

There are numerous ways to make both outright and planned gifts to the Kids’ Chance of America Endowment Fund. 

A gift in your will or trust — or any other planned gift — allows you to make a significant contribution to Kids’ Chance of America and still provide for your own financial security during your lifetime.

Build Toward a Named Endowment

The Kids’ Chance of America Endowment Fund provides donors with an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit kids and families well into the future. Donors can name and designate a fund within the endowment by making a gift of $250,000 or more.

A one-time gift at that level might not be possible, but for donors who are interested in designating a fund, KCOA has created a program where donors can “build to that endowment gift level” through payments made over a period of five years.
How It Works
  1. Donors must commit to a total gift of $250,000 or more through a designated fund agreement.
  2. Minimum gifts of $50,000 must be made annually (larger gifts are welcomed).
  3. The named fund can be created. All funds will be deposited into the named fund.
  4. Growth from the fund will not be used until the balance of the fund is invested at the $250,000 level for one year.
  5. If the donor is unable to reach the $250,000 within five years, and special accommodations have not been created and approved by both the donor and KCOA, the balance of the fund will be placed in the general endowment fund.
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