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You have an important mission — and we want to help you fulfill it consistently.

Find the Resources You Need

Find the Resources You Need

We have established a library of tools, templates, guides, and videos to help you run your state organization. We add to it regularly. See what we have that can help you where you are today, or reach out for direct support.

Learn and Grow

We offer webinars on a quarterly basis to help you gain new insights and build your skills. Here’s what’s coming up next.

2023 KCOA National Conference in a Nutshell
May 17, 2023
Apply for Additional Funds

Apply for Additional Funds

We know you’re trying to get more money to more kids. In addition to our annual distribution, you also have the opportunity to nominate one of your scholarship recipients for the Hudak scholarship, as well as apply for an emergency grant if something didn’t go according to plan.

Join Us at the National Conference

The Kids’ Chance National Conference brings everyone in our community together. It provides a unique opportunity to connect with other state organizations, learn from experts, and meet some of our kids.

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Spread the Word

As a member of the Kids’ Chance community, you help to raise awareness for our mission. From videos to Awareness Week, we’ve created resources to support you in that effort.

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