Plan for the Future

We’re Planning for the Future

Help us reach every eligible kid.

When a worker is severely injured or killed on the job, it doesn’t just affect them — it affects their entire family.

These injuries can come at any time – when children are grown, and even when they’re still quite small.

Thinking about the future is put off, and when the time comes, the cost of higher education can be well out of reach.

We can help you and your child, no matter how old they are.

Here’s How It Works

Jen is 6 years old. Her dad suffered a fall at work that paralyzed him.
Jen’s mom learns about Kids’ Chance from a member of the workers’ compensation community or by finding us online.
Jen’s mom visits the Kids’ Chance website and completes the form. Jen is now in our system.
We reach out to Jen and her mom twice a year to keep their information up-to-date.
When Jen turns 16, we connect her to the Kids’ Chance in the state where the claim was filed.
The state organization can now reach out and encourage Jen to apply for a scholarship.