School’s Back in Session

Scholarship Recipients Look Forward to the Academic Year Ahead

School’s Back in Session

School’s Back in Session

Scholarship Recipients Look Forward to the Academic Year Ahead

Students across the country are busy gearing up for the start of school this fall. With that comes familiar back-to-school routines that signal the end of a fun and restful summer and the beginning of a new, opportunity-filled academic year. 

For some students, buying fresh notebooks and ordering textbooks transports them back into the college mindset, ready to tackle their course load with confidence. For others, it's decorating dorm rooms with photos from home or reconnecting with classmates and friends that helps them settle in for the school year ahead. 

Whatever the routine may be, each student is taking time in their own way to mentally prepare for the new experiences that await them this fall — including our Kids’ Chance scholarship recipients. This summer, we checked in with a few of them to learn their feelings on returning to school and embarking on this exciting new chapter.   

Cierra is a rising sophomore at Delaware Technical Community College, where she’s majoring in business & management. When asked how she’s readying herself for an all-new line-up of courses, she explained, “I’m constantly telling myself that I can do this, and I’ll succeed in anything if I just have faith in myself.” 

With designs of joining the military after graduating with her business degree, Cierra credits a lot of her self-assurance to her involvement with Kids’ Chance of Delaware (KCDE)

“Receiving a Kids' Chance scholarship has been a game changer,” she said. “I never imagined myself going to college because I was nervous that I couldn’t afford it or pass with good grades. But getting this scholarship, along with my dad's guidance and encouragement, has boosted my confidence.”

Ben, a computer science major at Worcester State University and Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts (KCMA) scholarship recipient, is excited to level up this year — both personally and academically.

“I’m looking forward to commuting and learning to manage my money better, while taking on a harder course load for my major,” he said. 

In between working this summer, Ben has been sharpening his coding skills. He hopes to one day become a software engineer and work on projects that positively impact the world — a dream that’s becoming a reality thanks to Kids’ Chance. 

“The generous scholarships and support from Kids’ Chance make me feel a lot better about life after college and paying off my debts,” Ben said.

As a social work student at Arkansas State University, Hannah has been taking her time this summer methodically preparing for the start of school. “I’ve bought a lot of things for my dorm over time instead of all at once to make sure I’m ready,” she said. “I’ve also been checking my school email and speaking with my advisors to ensure I have everything in order for move-in day!” 

Hannah’s forethought and attention to detail doesn’t just apply to her back-to-school preparations, either. Through her scholarship from Kids’ Chance of Virginia (KCVA), Hannah is not only able to attend an exceptional social work program with an out-of-state price tag, but also participate in an accelerated master’s program. That way, Hannah can graduate with her master’s a year early and fulfill the dream she’s had since the fourth grade: becoming a licensed clinical social worker.

Heading back to school after a summer off can be tough, but as we’ve seen time and time again, Kids’ Chance scholarship recipients are tougher. Their passion for education and determination to reach their unique goals inspires our whole community, and it’s an honor to continue our mission of ensuring accessible, affordable education for the children of workers who’ve been injured on the job. 

We wish all of our Kids’ Chance scholars a happy and successful start to the school year!

Photo (from left): KCDE's Cierra, KCMA's Ben, and KCVA's Hannah