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President’s Message

Dear Kids’ Chance Supporters, Colleagues and Friends,

It is my great honor to assume the role as President of Kids’ Chance of America.

My predecessors, starting with Kids’ Chance founder, Bob Clyatt, successively transformed Kids’ Chance into the national force of good it is today. With our many talented allies and volunteers’ inspired work, we have grown from a small to now national presence. Kids’ Chance of America’s highly skilled professional management deploy their expertise in tandem with the generosity of our many partners, to support and strengthen the individual Kids’ Chance states.  Our success is measured by their success.

Together, we continue to reach more kids impacted by a parents’ workplace injury or death in reaching their educational aspirations. As President, it is with deep humility that I continue the legacy of Bob Clyatt and his successors.

During the past year, Kids’ Chance touched the lives of more than 597 kids, totaling over $2,000,000 in scholarship funds through its member states.  Kids’ Chance of America established 4 additional states, now at 43, tracking to its strategic plan of all 50 states by 2020, and returned more than $300,000 in scholarship funds to the states, enhancing their individual programs.

I see 2018/19 as a pivotal period for Kids’ Chance of America. At the national conference held in Detroit this past May, I established three areas of focus:

Sustainable annual funding of greater than $1 million through new and expanded partner commitments.

Invest in our state organizations and increase accessibility to the breadth of support available through Kids’ Chance of America, including:

  • Expert Scholarship Guidance and Consulting:  Access to KCOA’s on-staff scholarship professionals
  • State Guide and Support for Emerging Organizations:  Ongoing support designed to move organizations from formation to scholarship award
  • Board Development and Strategic Planning:  Support creation of solid long-term boards, goal setting and strategic plan development
  • Planning for the Future:  Database of potential scholarship recipients, designed for early family outreach and future college planning
  • Accelerator Program: Provides established organizations with a professional consulting team, designed to unlock the potential to reach more kids

Preserve the history of Kids’ Chance of America and its member states. We will collect and document the work of current and past individuals who dedicated their time to capturing the stories of the kids served over our 30 year history. We will also retain relationships with past board and committee members.

Please join me in fulfilling Kids’ Chance of America’s vision to someday provide all children affected by a parent’s work related injury or death, the ability to pursue their educational dreams without financial burden.


Kevin Turner
Kids’ Chance of America