The Kids’ Chance Community Mourns the Loss of Doug McCoy

The “Johnny Appleseed of Kids’ Chance” was a Pivotal Ambassador for the Organization

The Kids’ Chance Community Mourns the Loss of Doug McCoy

The Kids’ Chance Community Mourns the Loss of Doug McCoy

The “Johnny Appleseed of Kids’ Chance” was a Pivotal Ambassador for the Organization

Harry Douglas McCoy, one of the earliest advocates and champions for the Kids’ Chance mission, passed away on March 13, 2022. He was 70 years old.

Doug is remembered by colleagues and friends in the workers’ compensation industry as a knowledgeable and passionate leader, while always reminding people of the importance of giving back. He is remembered by the Kids’ Chance community as an enthusiastic ambassador of our mission and one of its earliest stewards, having played a critical role in establishing Kids’ Chance organizations across the country.

Fondly dubbed the “Johnny Appleseed of Kids’ Chance,” Doug is aptly credited with helping grow the organization since he was appointed to the Kids’ Chance of Georgia board of directors by Kids’ Chance Founder, Bob Clyatt. Bob, who initially created the nickname, reflected on his appointment of Doug:

“When Kids’ Chance was born in 1988, I decided it needed representation in all the areas of the workers’ compensation arena. I asked sources in state government, claimant attorneys, defense attorneys, and others in the insurance industry for a recommendation. One name continued to be put forth by all of them—Doug McCoy. I didn’t know Doug, but he had such a rousing endorsement that I called him. After speaking with him, I put him on the Board of Directors representing the insurance industry.

“That was the best appointment I’ve ever made. I’m not sure how long he served on the board, about 20 years, I believe. Kids’ Chance was formed with several neighboring states in Georgia and then it began to grow—because of Doug. Doug went to St. Louis and met with the founding committee there and started the Kids’ Chance in that state. Kids’ Chance of Missouri (KCMO) became the launching pad to grow in many other states.

“Doug was the claims manager for Traveler’s Insurance, and in his travels for work he set up meetings in various states across the country, setting the stage for Kids’ Chance to begin in so many states. I kiddingly used to call him the ‘Johnny Appleseed of Kids’ Chance.’ It’s because of Doug that we’ve had so much success and became a national organization.”

Current Kids’ Chance of America President Ken Martino credits Doug with being responsible for his own involvement in Kids’ Chance for the last 12 years:

“He was the constant reminder early on that I needed to get involved and give back to the workers’ compensation community. He was a great ambassador for Kids’ Chance, spreading the word every chance he got—even to people who did not want to listen. He was very persistent and passionate about Kids’ Chance.”

Kids’ Chance of America President-Elect Dana Genheimer offered her reflections on Doug’s passing:

“The success and growth of Kids’ Chance across the country has been driven by committed individuals such as Doug encouraging others around them to get involved. As we look ahead to the future of our community and mission, I know that none of our ambitions and goals would even be conceivable without his decades of dedication. Our community mourns his passing with his family.”

Doug was a proud father and grandfather. He is survived by his wife of 49 years, Teresa Gregory McCoy; children Jason McCoy and his wife Halle, Julie McGee and her husband Ed, Jesse McCoy and his wife Kaycee, and John McCoy and his wife Stephanie. He is also survived by eight grandchildren and numerous extended family and friends.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Kids’ Chance of America. Those wishing to do so should put Doug McCoy in the designation online.

Read his full obituary here.