Mahathi Infotech Partners with Kids’ Chance of America

The Tech Company Expands Their Commitment to Supporting Kids

Mahathi Infotech Partners with Kids’ Chance of America

Mahathi Infotech Partners with Kids’ Chance of America

The Tech Company Expands Their Commitment to Supporting Kids

We are pleased to welcome Mahathi Infotech as our newest national partner. In addition to their generous donation, our partners weave Kids’ Chance into the corporate culture of their own organizations, providing critical awareness and visibility for the entire Kids’ Chance community.

“This partnership evolved as many of our national partnerships do,” said Joe Mancini, executive director of Kids’ Chance of America. “We were introduced to Mahathi through some of our board members who had worked with them in the past. Mahathi first engaged with us as a Kids’ Chance National Conference sponsor. The progression to partner was a natural next step.”

Mahathi provides niche technology solutions for clients in the P&C insurance and legal sectors. The team partners with clients to execute successful digital transformations by carefully guiding them through myriad technology implementation and management challenges. 

They are also actively dedicated to the cause of supporting children. 

“We felt a strong desire to give back to our broader workers’ compensation community,” said Mahathi cofounder and COO Vishwa Ganapathy. “We have witnessed the impactful work being done by Kids’ Chance in supporting the educational needs of children whose parents suffered injuries in the line of duty.”

Vishwa and his company gained powerful insight into Kids’ Chance by attending the National Conference in person. “This opportunity enabled us to engage with Kids’ Chance stakeholders and gain a deeper insight into Kids’ Chance of America’s mission and accomplishments,” he said.

“We firmly believe that joining forces with Kids’ Chance in their noble mission is the most meaningful way to make a difference and continue to support the larger workers’ compensation community,” Vishwa added. “This significant partnership represents our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children by enabling sustained access to quality education. It mirrors our core values and mission to provide opportunities for those most in need. It also allows us to work towards a more equitable and inclusive future, where every child has the chance to succeed and build a brighter tomorrow.”

In addition to their financial support and commitment to raise awareness for our mission, Vishwa will also serve on the national advisory board. “We eagerly look forward to contributing to Kids’ Chance of America’s roadmap in the months ahead,” he shared.

“I am beyond excited to have Mahathi as a national partner,” Joe said. “They have the unique combination of knowing the workers’ compensation industry and the challenges that come with navigating that field, as well as embedding philanthropy into their own organizational DNA. They are bringing that passion to our team, and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

Kids’ Chance of America remains extremely grateful to all of our partners for helping us deliver on our goal of #MoreMoneyforMoreKids

Photo: Mahathi cofounder and COO Vishwa Ganapathy (left) and Kids' Chance of America cofounder Bob Clyatt

About Mahathi Infotech

Mahathi Infotech, an Inc. 5000 company, understands and caters to the fundamental needs of its P&C insurance and legal clients. Through its unique ESquare Value Framework, focused on client centricity and measurable value creation, it enables clients to achieve technology objectives, increase speed to market, and improve customer satisfaction. Learn more about Mahathi at

About Kids’ Chance Partnerships

Kids’ Chance gives the kids of workers who have been injured on the job a chance at a better future by providing scholarships and support. Since 1988, Kids’ Chance organizations have awarded over 10,000 scholarships totaling over $36 million dollars. Kids’ Chance of America partners commit of a minimum of $100,000 paid over four years. Through this support, Kids’ Chance continues to support a presence in all 50 states by providing national visibility, financial support, and best practices to each state organization. Learn more about Kids’ Chance national partnerships at