Longtime Kids’ Chance Leader Honored with the Robert M. Clyatt Award

Kevin Turner has been a dynamic part of the Kids’ Chance fabric for fourteen years — and counting.

Longtime Kids’ Chance Leader Honored with the Robert M. Clyatt Award

Longtime Kids’ Chance Leader Honored with the Robert M. Clyatt Award

Kevin Turner has been a dynamic part of the Kids’ Chance fabric for fourteen years — and counting.

Kevin Turner, Chief Growth Officer at Paradigm, is the recipient of the 2024 Robert M. Clyatt Distinguished Service Award.

Named for Kids’ Chance founder Bob Clyatt, the award embodies his passion for helping children impacted by a parent’s workers’ compensation injury or death obtain the funds needed to advance their education. The award is presented annually and recognizes a member of the national Kids’ Chance community who has gone above and beyond in service of what matters most: the kids.

Kevin has 35-plus years of experience in workers’ compensation and claims management. He’s also been involved with Kids’ Chance for of 14 of those years.

"Kevin has not only served on the board of Kids’ Chance of America, he’s also led the organization as president and chair of the Advisory Board,” said Dana Genheimer, the current president of Kids’ Chance of America. “Kevin’s commitment to the mission of Kids’ Chance continues to be instrumental to the success of the organization.”

Kevin’s journey with Kids’ Chance started in 2010 when he attended the Annual Meeting in Gulfport, Mississippi. Still in its early stages, Kids’ Chance of America focused on seeding state level organizations through outreach to individuals from across a state’s workers’ compensation community who showed interest in supporting the Kids’ Chance cause.  “Gaining interest and forming a board proved to be easier than standing up a functioning organization that actually reaches kids in need, but through the efforts of those individuals along with financial and consulting support from Kids’ Chance of America, the states took off.”

With Kevin’s encouragement, Paradigm became the first national partner. Their support allowed Kids’ Chance of America to build professional level infrastructure and invest in critical staffing. Today, Paradigm continues to set the standard for national partners. They have numerous volunteers working at the state level, have donated over $1.2M to Kids’ Chance of America, and have successfully integrated Kids’ Chance with Paradigm’s culture.

Between 2018 and 2020, Kevin served as President of Kids’ Chance of America. During his term, Kids’ Chance continued to grow state organizations, increase the number of scholarships awarded, and develop the infrastructure required to properly support future growth.

It is perhaps unsurprising then that the achievement Kevin is most proud of is attaining that once grandiose vision. “50 states,” he said without hesitation. “50 states.”

But Kevin doesn't think Kids’ Chance should stop at 50 states. “I think we should always strive to do better. Reaching 50 states was a major milestone. I don't want us to sit back and take for granted that Kids’ Chance will self-grow. It’s going to take the next generation of volunteers as well as professional support in the form of executive directors and other staff members. We’re not going to get where we need to be — or where we could be — on volunteer manpower alone.”

While the alignment between the people Paradigm serves and the work Kids’ Chance does suggest an almost fated match, Kevin's journey wasn't as planned. “When I first joined Kids’ Chance, I didn't realize I had a philanthropic bone in my body. Somewhere along the way, it wasn’t about marketing, it wasn’t about growing my business, it was about giving back to kids. I’ve made my living and supported my family through the workers’ compensation system. This was a way of giving back.”

“We believe that Kevin has unselfishly and generously shared his time, talents and treasures with Kids’ Chance,” shared Don Terry and John Goldwater — two national leaders in their own right. “His contagious energy and leadership have made a material impact on our board members, volunteers, and the broader Kids’ Chance community. He continues to be a high impact leader and is truly deserving of this recognition.”

As for Kevin's reaction to winning this award: “I am completely humbled and honored to be recognized by the Kids’ Chance community; a community of those who want to give back to the injured workers and families we serve.  

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