It’s All About Helping People

Mike Cirillo Talks About the myMatrixx Culture and Kids’ Chance

It’s All About Helping People

It’s All About Helping People

Mike Cirillo Talks About the myMatrixx Culture and Kids’ Chance

myMatrixx’s mission is all about helping people. Just ask Mike Cirillo. When he walked into myMatrixx three years ago, he could feel this in the culture right away. “It’s a mindset held by every employee in our company,” said Mike. “How do we help people get better, how do we help them return to work, and in the case of Kids’ Chance, how do we help them get educated. There is a passion for helping people heal and improve.”

As a longtime member of the workers’ comp industry, he came across Kids’ Chance in 2010 and found the mission moving. “Workers’ comp can get a negative connotation, and this was the first time that I saw the work put in the best light because it showed us helping the families.”

Ultimately, it was Mike’s role as President at myMatrixx that got him more deeply involved with Kids’ Chance.

Serving on National Committees

myMatrixx has been a national partner for three years. In addition to their generous corporate contribution, Mike personally serves on the national fundraising committee, as well as the advisory board.

“I've really enjoyed getting to participate in the organization so directly,” said Mike. “The stories that come out of Kids’ Chance from how we help kids get an education to how it pays back - the fact that some of these kids come back and work in the workers’ comp industry as a result of their experience and education - is truly motivating.”

“Mike brings a great dynamic to committee service,” said Vicki Burkhart, Executive Director of Kids’ Chance of America. “It’s critical to our organization to have strong volunteers actively engaged.”

In addition to serving himself, Mike has also gone so far as to recruit others to serve as volunteers. "I highlight the fact that this is an amazing chance to give back. I also explain that this is one of the opportunities to interact with insurance companies, service providers, employers, and others without the pressure of sales. You get to bond with them through Kids’ Chance."

Spreading the Word

Mike isn’t the only one in a leadership role to embrace the Kids’ Chance mission. Kat Romanowski-Wade, Marketing Manager at myMatrixx, is another leader rallying the myMatrixx team.

“I think she's the other driving force that helps communicate what Kids’ Chance is about to our employee base, and she drives it into our website,” said Mike. “She really helps get the mission across all of the myMatrixx organization, so I think she deserves equal billing if not more than I do.”

myMatrixx participates in Kids’ Chance Awareness Week each year both internally and externally. They also have the Voice of the Employee (VOE) team, which internally brainstorms ways to spread the word about Kids’ Chance.

This year, myMatrixx is expanding the section on their website that highlights Kids’ Chance into a fully-fledged landing page. This page will give Kids’ Chance greater visibility and hopefully help advance the goal of #MoreMoneyforMoreKids.

Support Starts at Home

For myMatrixx, all their support stems from their internal culture. “Being at a PBM, your whole job is to help injured workers get the support they need; our team jumps through hoops to make sure that happens. Sometimes they're on a phone call for two or three hours dogging the pharmacy or chasing down the adjuster for approval because they have a true life crisis event,” said Mike.

“I think the employees of myMatrixx take that same spirit of help to Kids’ Chance so as an enterprise this is not just me; this is every employee in the company that takes the mission to heart which is part of why I'm so thrilled to be here and why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to extend and actually raise our investment with Kids’ Chance.”

Helping Injured Workers

For many members of the workers’ compensation industry, Kids’ Chance is a natural extension of the work they do every day.

Mike is one of the standout leaders in our community, but we are fortunate to have so many volunteers and supporters across the country committed to our goal of #MoreMoneyforMoreKids.

With 48 state organizations, we’re always looking for more. Reach out to Kids’ Chance of America if you’d like to get involved at the national level, or get in touch with the organization in your state today.

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