Brooke Yingling on the Importance of Volunteering

KCNC Scholarship Recipient Gives Back and Gets Much in Return

Brooke Yingling on the Importance of Volunteering

Brooke Yingling on the Importance of Volunteering

KCNC Scholarship Recipient Gives Back and Gets Much in Return

When Brooke Yingling’s father suffered a serious injury at work in 2010, her entire life changed. Luckily, she and her mother found Kids’ Chance and were able to help pay for her college tuition with a scholarship from Kids’ Chance of North Carolina (KCNC).

Through her experience with Kids’ Chance and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — where she is majoring in human development and family studies — Brooke discovered a passion for volunteering. Below she talks about why she volunteers and why she thinks everyone should get involved.

Kids’ Chance: Why do you volunteer?

Brooke: “There are many skills that I gain out of volunteering, and I love interacting with people. I have been fortunate to have a lot of opportunities available to me and so much to be thankful for — I wanted to put the energy back out into the world and help when I can, where I can.”

What has your volunteerism brought you? 

“I get to meet people from all different parts of the community. Volunteering has exposed me to different people and shown me that not everyone has the same opportunities that I do. It’s taught me to think fast on my feet and be able to pivot when things don’t go the way you plan.” 

What do you hope to do in your career?

“Something within the realm of nonprofits. I’m interning over the summer at a local children’s museum. While I don’t necessarily want to teach, I love the idea of teaching in a non-traditional sense.”

What is your message to other students:

“Every time I volunteer I learn more — it’s such a beneficial experience. My recommendation to other students is to find something you're passionate about and then look for an organization where you feel comfortable. 

“You may not find it on the first try. When you find an organization that’s a good fit, with people you really enjoy being around and a mission that gets you excited, then it doesn’t feel like extra work that you’re trying to fit into your busy schedule — it feels like your place.” 

Brooke’s volunteer resume:

  • Professional Development Board Member | Undergraduate Advisory Council, UNC School of Education
  • Volunteer Counselor | Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering & Science
  • Volunteer to the Assistant Director | Nourish NC
  • Assistant Cooking Instructor | Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington