The SFM Foundation scholarship has impacted me by helping to pay for a large portion of my college expenses. I have been able to attend college with a lesser amount of stress because of this. Not having to worry as much about the money to pay for college is like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

The classes that I am currently enrolled in are based around my major in Computer Engineering. Differential Equations is by far my most challenging class. I enjoy learning about code and the way that it works with computers and computer logic; it’s like learning a new language.

I am not involved in any clubs right now, but I plan on joining the canoe/kayaking club and the mountaineering/hiking club. I maintain an active lifestyle by working out every day of the week and I enjoy the gyms very much here. Overall, I am enjoying my Freshmen year in college and I am excited to see what I will do and get involved in as my future progresses here at Iowa State.

My plans after graduation right now aren’t set in stone. Eventually, I would like to own my own business, but we will see what happens in four years. I am excited to learn about my trade and everything that I can do in my field. I am looking forward to the future and life after college as well.

While I have barely scratched the surface of experiences here at Iowa State and I am very excited to try new things, meet new people, and learn everything that I can!

I am thankful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship and it helps immensely. It has made my college experience a whole lot better.