After my father passed away in 2018, my family experienced emotional and financial burdens. One of the concerns that arose was how I was going to continue paying my college tuition. With the Kids’ Chance scholarship, I was able to complete my Bachelor of Science and I will be graduating with my Master of Arts in May 2021. Without the scholarship, I would not have the ability to continue my education.

Currently, I am working on my master’s thesis, which explores the relationships between immigration status, victimization, and acculturation within the Latino population. For the fall semester, I completed classes on research design and the administration of justice. I am enrolled in classes on criminal homicide and research statistics. Outside of the classroom, I am working with a team on writing a meta-analysis on intervention and prevention strategies targeting human trafficking. Since I have graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I am considered an alumna of my sorority, Phi Sigma Rho. As an alumna, I still attend bonding and celebration events. I also participate in alumni social and philanthropy events.

After graduating with my master’s degree, I will be pursuing my PhD. I have submitted applications to 10 PhD programs, either in criminology or sociology. With my PhD, my plan is to conduct research focused on the Latino and immigrant communities and to become a professor. Going into academia will be an opportunity to face challenges in an ever-changing landscape.

The best experience I have had while in college is working alongside my professors on projects outside of the requirements for classes. I have had several research opportunities that have been challenging but have taught me valuable research skills. Also, I have been able to get advice and guidance from my professors.