These are excerpts from the video interview.

On his family and upbringing in North Carolina:

I'm from Laurinburg, North Carolina. Um, I, my family consists of my father, Daniel, my mother Jeanie, and I have two sisters. 

We grew up a classic North Carolina family — camping, fishing, hunting, four wheelers, just a lot of family time together. Getting out on the weekends, even just for a day beach trip… Mountains, anything like that is something we always enjoyed.

On his father’s accident that changed his life:

In September of 2011, my father was area manager of our local area Smithfield Foods. He had an employee in a restricted area. They got caught in a machine, and my father attempted to save his life. And in the attempt, he injured himself and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

On learning about Kids’ Chance: 

I was in 10th grade, preparing for college. My mother and I were looking for any kind of scholarship because money was tight with medical bills, and everything going on. 

I had had my future mapped out, colleges and everything. But due to the injury and the money situation, everything kinda changed. And at that point, I didn't know what would happen. But, with Kids' Chance, it kinda reassured that everything would be okay.

On his educational journey and professional ambitions:

I went to University of North Carolina at Pembroke and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's in criminal justice. [KCNC was] gracious enough to aide me in my goal to get a Master's, which I got from Liberty University — a Master's in crisis response, with a focus in counseling. I then went and became a licensed minister in the state of North Carolina. And am now a sworn police officer, a Sheriff's Deputy for my local county.

I went back and got the Master's based on my father's injury — and wanting to help people like him, and families in their situation. 

On what he’d like to say to the Kids’ Chance community:

It's kinda cliche, but,  just thank you. That's about it really. Because without the community, without the organization, without all the help, and supporters, and everything, there's no way I'd be in this position today. I couldn't tell you where I'd be. I couldn't tell you what our family situation would be like. Just thank you.