Receiving the Kids’ Chance scholarship has made a world of difference to me. I am able to attend the local community college as a full time student. If I did not receive the financial assistance from Kids’ Chance, I would have probably second guessed whether I could pursue a college degree.

I am pursuing my degree in criminal justice. I attend general education courses; however, my area of study and interest is in law enforcement. I am working on starting up a criminal justice club as the college does not currently have one. I also actively visit the job board in hopes to obtain a community service officer position at the college and protect and serve my campus.

The best experience I have had at the College of Lake County had to be in my first criminal justice class I attended while I was enrolled in the tech campus. The class was Introduction to Policing. I had excellent teachers that I instantly connected with, captivated my interest and solidified my decision to pursue my current path. I was named the criminal justice student of the year for my classroom contribution.

After receiving my Associated Degree, I plan on transferring to North Eastern University in Chicago Illinois. Once I receive my Bachelor’s Degree, I will begin the task of applying to local law enforcement agencies, in hopes to obtain a position as a police officer and serve and protect a community.