After graduating from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, I plan to go into full-time vocational ministry with my husband. We have dreams and goals to move back to his home and minister on the island. We are both passionate about leadership development, and I am passionate specifically about discipleship. Our hearts are to reach the communities we are in by meeting their physical needs and leading them to grow in their relationships with Jesus. That’s what my whole life is focused on- what our whole lives are focused on. It’s definitely my calling and I love every second of it!

As a Church Leadership major, I take classes geared mostly toward Bible & theology, leadership and practical ministry. These classes range from Bible Study, Authentic Christianity to Ministerial Ethics, to Systematic Theology and Spiritual Formation. . Church and ministry majors take these classes to prepare for the ministry by teaching theology, ethics, and real-life applications of these principles.

As far as activities go, I’ve participated in our on campus events such as Welcome Week, intramural volleyball, sporting events, church expositions, missions week and SMA. SMA is short for “Southwestern Missions Association”, which is out our student-lead local and world outreach program on campus. Through SMA, I got plugged into M10. MissionTEN is “To Every Nation” and the goal is to reach every nation with the Gospel of Jesus in 10 years. During the 2018-2019 school year, I was selected to lead a team on a mission trip to Emmonak, Alaska and serve the Yup’ik Alaskan Natives. I was also awarded the “World Outreach Leader of the Year” through M10.

The Kids’ Chance scholarships that I received have impacted me in the best way possible. Going into my first years of college, I was unsure of how I would be able to afford paying for my education… but after getting these scholarships, I have much less to worry about. I have been able to use the scholarship money toward my education, books, housing, etc. and it has made me feel comfortable knowing that it will decrease my financial burden exponentially. Without the Kid’s Chance scholarship, I would be struggling to pay for my college education but fortunately; the scholarships have helped me tremendously.

Some memorable college experience I have had so far include MissionTEN, going on leadership retreats, Battle of the Dorms, making life long friends and enjoying the fellowship of a close-knit student body. But, my most favorite experience would without a doubt be meeting my husband here at SAGU. I owe it all to God because the timing and guidance was nothing short of a complete miracle and blessing. My time here at SAGU has been so blessed with my husband, my friends and the fellowship of the community here on campus!