Receiving the Kids’ Chance of Texas scholarship has given me the opportunity to focus on my academic and professional career, and allowed me to live a little more stress free as I enter my last year of undergraduate studies.

I am very thankful as I know this scholarship will help my family and even possibly give my younger siblings more opportunities in their future as well. I feel enriched to be able to follow my dreams freely, and delighted to receive support and encouragement from not only my family but Kids’ Chance as well.

My fascination with human behavior and curiosity in the role social institutions play in shaping those behaviors led me to a Sociology degree where I am free to learn about behavioral theories, research design, and statistics. My interest in statistical research, coupled with a lifelong love for numbers led me to a Mathematics minor where I can take classes that focus on probability and actuarial statistics. In addition, I am taking classes such as finance, accounting, economics, and business law to build a foundation in business and earn a certificate.

Outside of my academics, I am an active member in a few clubs but mostly focus on planning events as Sisterhood Chair for the women’s organization I am in.

After graduating, I intend to further my pursuit of knowledge in research design and numerical analysis by attending graduate school. I will continue to follow my love for numbers to new and exciting areas of research and data analysis by earning a Master’s degree in Statistics, hopefully followed by a Master’s degree in Accounting. This will provide me with valuable skills that I can utilize to better understand and even conduct my own quantitative research findings someday.

Every day that I am allowed to go to school is a great experience in and of itself. It is amazing to be able to share in the attainment of knowledge with so many brilliant individuals each day. Going to school in a city, you truly feel the support of not only your fellow peers but the local community as well.