Thank You for a Successful 2018 Awareness Week

Our fourth annual Awareness Week is over! Thank you to all our partners and followers for helping to spread the word about our organization. It was another exciting and successful week to shine the light on the students in need and how to get involved.

During the 2018 Awareness Week, we:

  • Received 9 Governor’s Proclamations to date.
  • Sent out 7 dedicated e-mail blasts with a 40%  average open rate.
  • Had a total pick up of 170 for our press release, and a total potential audience of over 8M.

We couldn’t achieve these incredible numbers alone, and that’s the beauty of Awareness Week. By coming together to tap into our collective communities, we can educate more of the country about our work. We want to raise more money for more kids, but that can’t happen unless people know about our mission.

Awareness Week may be over, but there are still plenty of ways to get involved! Our Planning for the Future Program is active all year long. The objective of the program is to identify and steward potential scholarship applicants who are not yet of college age so we’re certain that they’ll hear from us when it’s time to apply for a scholarship.

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