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Planning for the Future

What happens when a child loses a parent to a work-related fatality? How do families cope with a dramatic decrease in income because Mom or Dad cannot return to work due to an injury? In many cases, pursuing higher education seems unattainable. No student should be denied the opportunity to pursue an education due to lack of finances. Planning for the future never starts too early.

The Planning for the Future initiative is designed to reach potential scholarship applicants, specifically those who are not yet of college age. We collect and maintain contact information for identified students and communicate with them when the time comes to start considering higher education. Scholarship grants may be awarded to students attending accredited post-secondary educational programs.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child who may qualify, even if their college-age years are far away, complete the online form below to submit your information for potential scholarship opportunities. Here at Kids’ Chance of America, when the time is right, we will share your information with the appropriate Kids’ Chance state organization to begin the scholarship application process for the applicant to be considered for Kids’ Chance support.

Criteria for Kids’ Chance scholarships vary by state. To see how your state handles scholarships, find your Kids’ Chance organization.

Your submission will be referred to the state where the Workers’ Comp claim is FILED regardless of where you currently live or where the incident took place. There is not yet a Kids’ Chance chapter in:

  • Alaska
  • Maine
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island

If your claim is filed in one of those states and you are still interested in the program, please contact the office at 484-945-9903 or admin@kidschance.org. DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM! NOTE: Claims filed in the District of Columbia are processed by Kids’ Chance of Virginia.