Hezekiah H. Testimonial 2015-04-30T10:50:52+00:00

Photo of Hezekiah-HWithout Kids’ Chance I would have been unable attend college anywhere, unless it might have been part time at a two year school. There were so many worries going on in the house including my Dad’s care and future needs and my younger sisters (one under 10) and how life had changed for them. I just knew college was not going to be a financial given. Kids’ Chance made the path to my dreams open and the hard work I can put into it a possibility of achieving a success. It is still difficult, because I have to help take care of my Dad some days of the week and still study, but I know we as a family have stayed together and on track.

As a Criminal Justice major at University of North Carolina, I have enjoyed my English and math courses, which was surprising to me. I have begun making some friends, but I commute since there is still some expense the scholarship does not cover and the ride is only 30 minutes one way. By commuting I can also be accessible to help my sisters with their homework and take care of Dad while my Mom is working. I have enjoyed the indoctrination into criminology and I will be excited to learn more next semester when I can get the “meat” of some of the actual role of law enforcement. Extracurricularly, I am very involved in my church activities and have been attending a gym for youth who need mentorship. One young teen that I am particularly close to has just lost his Dad due to a sudden heart attack. Even though I still have my Dad with his infirmities I know how much he misses his best friend, and I know how much his heart hurts. I feel God has led me, using what I am learning, to minister to this boy and many others.

After college, God may direct differently but I am currently planning to go to Southeastern Theological Seminary at Wake Forest to become a minister. I would like to use my combined law enforcement and ministerial educations to reach to those in the community who need God’s love the most, and that is not always ones sitting in a church pew. They may be in the back of a police car, a victim of a crime, or a youngster lost in society of means of direction.
The best experience I’ve had in college so far is having the ability to see the world through many different points of view besides my own beliefs and moral system. I have met those from outside my state and country and I have met professors who behave far differently from my belief system – in verbiage and action. However, as I am seeing the actions of more people I am also learning how their actions affect the masses. I do not get to socialize that much, studying so hard and with my responsibilities at home, but I have met several guys and even had a lunch or two and that’s been fun!

Thank you again,

Hezekiah H. University of North Carolina, Pembroke
Criminal Justice Major with plans to attended seminary
Kids’ Chance of North Carolina Scholarship Recipient