Hayley P. Testimonial 2017-02-08T13:43:58+00:00

Hayley P PhotoThe Kids’ Chance scholarship helped me attend a 4 year college and get the degree I desired. I started off at a 2 year college and realized that just wasn’t for me and so I transferred to Indiana State. This scholarship allowed me to do so without worrying about putting myself or my parents in debt. As it is my last semester, I’m currently involved in two classes that help get me ready for life after graduation. Then I’m involved in another two classes that spark my creative process as a Fine Arts major.

After only two weeks, I am really enjoying these classes and it’s getting me more excited than nervous to graduate. I’m also involved in a graphic design club, and serve as a mentor for students in a scholarship program.

After I graduate, I am packing up all my things and heading south. It’s a scary feeling moving from the only home I’ve ever known but I’m very excited to see what opportunities are waiting for me. The best experience I’ve had while at school is just being a part of the community here at Indiana State University. I come from a small town in Northern Indiana where I graduated with a class of only about 90 students. Then I traveled three hours to a school with about 20,000 students. I’ve made so many lifelong friends and got more involved in the life style here and it’s definitely brought me out of my shell and opened my mind to so much.

Thank you,

Hayley P.
Indiana State University
Kids’ Chance of Indiana Scholarship Recipient