Alexis B Testimonial 2016-10-24T20:07:42+00:00

Photo of Alexis BChange is inevitable, no matter what a person does to try to avoid it. Sometimes it’s positive and favorable, but unfortunately for myself and every other bright mind that has received this scholarship, our change was negative. It’s so hard to watch someone go through pain, especially when it’s your own parent; but it’s especially hard when you wake up each day wondering how you’re going to survive without their help.

My dad was in a cement truck accident which landed him in the hospital for over five months. Everyday watching him suffer shattered my world, hoping and praying that he would be okay, and luckily he is. He is a strong survivor, but is also now paralyzed from the chest down. My family and I have had to rearrange our lives a lot. Getting a new vehicle that fits a wheelchair, having to buy a new home that is handicap accessible, and having nurses at our house every day are only a few of the extremely costly changes that have redefined our lives.

But with all of the darkness and sorrow also comes light and happiness. I am so lucky to have received the Kids’ Chance scholarship because I am now in my third year of college and debt free. One of the concerns that always runs through my mind is, “Am I going to be taking away from the rest of my family?” College is expensive, and so is everything else that my father or other family members need. I always want to make sure that they are taken care of without having to take care of me. My mom works so hard for us. She tries to make sure that we don’t miss out on anything that we would have if my dad was still the main provider, and college is one of those things. My mom would work 24/7 just to put my sister and me through school, but thankfully with this scholarship, she doesn’t have to.

Other than my father surviving his accident, this scholarship is the best thing that has happened for me since his accident. I am so blessed that so many people contribute time, energy and money to this organization, just to help people like me. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for me and every other student within this organization, it’s life changing. We think about this amazing gesture every single day. Without the incredible people who work with this organization, we might not be in college right now.

I am currently in my third year of college for biology. After I receive my bachelor’s degree, I hope to continue to get my masters for physical therapy. My dad made me want to become a physical therapist. I have always wanted to help people, but seeing him go through his own therapy every week has showed me I want to help paralyzed patients like him one day. Watching my dad remain so strong, mentally and physically, makes me want to be strong too. I am going to continue to better myself every day, and I’m not going to stop until I can make a positive change in so many other people’s lives.

Kids’ Chance makes me and every other child a survivor, part of the same community. We are strong and driven, with minds that want to explore the world, and this scholarship allows us to do that. Kids’ Chance is only one of the many successes that are going to come into our lives. So thank you to every single person that has made this scholarship possible. All of you help make me a successful young woman.

Alexis B.
Virginia Commonwealth University
Kids’ Chance of Virginia Scholarship Recipient